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Captain Tristan Loraine BCAi

Tristan Loraine.jpg

Tristan learnt to fly at the age of 17 whilst studying in Northern Ireland. He continued his pilot training in California at the Sierra Academy of Aeronautics and graduated as a commercial pilot. Tristan flew for over 10,000 hours on a variety of commercial jet airliners such as the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, Boeing 737, 757 and 767.


At the age of 44, Tristan was ill-health retired as an airline captain with British Airways after repeated exposures to chemicals in the aircraft he flew. This was a year after completing his first Ironman triathlon event in Dorset, England.


Tristan was a union and Health & Safety representative for the British Airline pilots’ Association (BALPA) from 1998 to 2006. In 2006, Tristan started Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd and also became a founding Co-Chairman of the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE).


He was previously a Chairman of a World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Supporters Group and is currently a trustee for the Lucy Rayner Foundation.


He was awarded a British Citizen Award for Services to Industry (BCAi) at the inaugural BCA awards in 2015.

Dr Susan Michaelis

Susan Michaellis.png

Dr Susan Michaelis is a former Australian flight instructor and airline transport (ATPL) pilot with over 5,000 flying hours, now recognised as a leading and uniquely qualified global aviation health and safety consultant and PhD researcher in the field of safety in the workplace - aircraft contaminated air supplies and hazardous substances.


Susan was ill health retired from exposure to chemicals aged 34.


UK based Dr Michaelis, holds an MSc in Air Safety and Accident Investigation and is a qualified Air Accident Investigator and has widely briefed industry, governments, military, regulators, academics, scientists, doctors, experts, lawyers and unions on the bleed air topic.


Dr Michaelis was awarded the top MSc academic award in 2017 for her work on how oil leaks past seals in turbine engines. She holds NEBOSH and COSHH qualifications in health and safety and the use of hazardous substances and is a member of IOSH and the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).


​West Sussex based, Dr Michaelis is also an Honorary Sensor Research Fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland.

Melissa Dray


Melissa Dray is a former Cabin Crew member from Perth Western Australia.


Melissa was 24 years old and had been flying for only 3.5 years when she was involved in a large fume incident in April of 1999 on a BAe146 aircraft. She suffered immediate side effects and was taken to hospital off the flight. Subsequent investigations of the aircraft found it had experienced a major engine oil leak. Her health deteriorated over the weeks and months following this incident and by September of 1999 she had crewed her last flight.


In conjunction with trying to get well, Melissa ended up pursuing a 20 year legal battle at times representing herself against her employer and then the aircraft manufacturer British Aerospace.


Melissa has spoken at major conferences about her journey and is featured in several documentary films.

Judy Cullinane

Judy Cullinane.jpg

Judy was an Ansett Australia Flight Attendant, flying the BAe-146 aircraft in Australia since 1984. She became incapacitated 6-8 November 1997, while flying 3 days on a British Aerospace BAe-146 aircraft during flights to and from Alice Springs. She was being exposed to fumes, (toxic vapours) through the cabin air, become totally incapacitated, semi-paralysed and barely able to speak, during flights to and from Alice Springs.


The aircraft maintenance report stated, “Number 2 bleed inlet duct and both sleeves on air cycle machine replaced. Duct cracked and leaking hoses”.


 Judy and then National Jet First Officer, Susan Michaelis, raised safety concerns and health problems with the Australian Government that led to the year long 1999 / 2000 Senate Transport References Committee investigation into contaminated air on aircraft. 


In August 2002, Judy settled with Ansett’s Insurer, nearly 6 years after becoming ill and suffering injuries that ended her career through no fault of her own.


Judy then retrained as a lawyer, graduating the same day as her son.

Alessandra Airaldi Photo.png

Alessandra Airaldi

Alessandra is a current cabin crew-member, and union representative. She specialises in the area of Occupational Health & Safety within her union and at a regional and European level.


She is a board member of the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE), the global coalition of health and safety advocates committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to poor air quality on commercial aircrafts.


Alessandra has presented at numerous international conferences on her area of expertise.

Deanne DeWitt Freise

Deanne DeWitt Freise.png

Deanne has over 30 years of experience as a flight attendant with a major U.S. carrier.


Following a toxic inhalation injury at work in 1992 she challenged herself to improve her health; to investigate the toxic injury; to improve aircraft cabin air quality; and to advocate for crew and passengers exposed to these toxins.


She testified in 1993 at hearings on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Reform before the Congressional Subcommittee on Labor (asking OSHA to take regulatory jurisdiction of airline crew health and safety); testifying in 1994 before the Aviation Subcommittee of the US Senate Committee on Public Works and Transportation (on cabin air quality); participating as a voting member for The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Aviation Subcommittee to develop a standard for aircraft cabin air quality; and participating in committees for SAE International (formerly named the Society of Automotive Engineers) and Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA).


In 1999, Deanne was co-presenter to the ASHRAE Aviation Subcommittee of a paper entitled, Cabin Crew Syndrome: A Case Study-Acute and Chronic Symptoms.


In 2015 she took the lead in forming and has been the President and Director of Clean Up Cabin Air, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.


Deanne has spoken at several international conferences about the cabin crew perspective of contaminated air.

Merran Michaelis.png

Merran Michaelis

Merran is the younger sister of Dr Susan Michaellis. Merran is an accomplished and passionate Melbourne based jeweller. Sustainable and mindful design is at the forefront of her creations.


She studied fine Arts at RMIT, completing a BA in Fine Art Gold and silversmithing. Her mother started a jewellery business in the 70's with her American sister in law. Growing up surrounded by beautiful pieces was a huge inspiration and influence in Merran's Career direction.


Merran creates bespoke jewellery that plays to the intrinsic beauty of the materials. She loves the intimacy of working with individuals to create beautiful designs that will be worn and cherished. The delight that her jewellery brings to people serves as great inspiration.


Merran loves designing individual pieces that reimagine a clients existing jewellery to be treasured anew. Working with her clients to create uniquely personal pieces that resonate with them and their family and their story.


Merran specialises in creating jewellery for engagements, anniversaries, personal milestones, repairing and reimagining family heirlooms and treasures and just for joy.


Merran's collections reflect her love of good design and the importance of everyday luxury.

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